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Getting married in Florida? Click here to see how.  Find the clerk of court office for the county you're getting married in here.

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Hello, my name is Berjoh, and I'm a notary officiant. I decided to add officiant to my list of services to help couples get married in the way they choose. I've been married for more than 13 years and understand what it's like to be married to your life partner.  The beginning of your union as one begins with "the officiant."  So believe me when I say that I understand how important this piece is for your special day. Prior to hiring me to officiate your wedding. I require a free 15-minute consultation to meet you, allow you to meet me, and ask questions. This way, you can be confident that I am a good fit for your special day.  I invite you to schedule a FREE consultation to get started.

Ceremony & More...

Since I am also an ordained minister, I am not limited in the type of ceremony you envision for your union. You can be as creative or traditional as you want. Click here to see some creative wedding ceremony ideas. I offer free consultations to every couple so that you can meet me and we can discuss what you want or are searching for in an officiant. 

Officiating a wedding entails more than just reciting vows and witnessing a ring exchange. It is a process of discovering the couple's history and story. Coordinating and writing the perfect script, including your family and friends in this memorable moment, sealing the day with a memorable unity, and announcing to the world the beginning of a new chapter in your life. That does not appear to be a simple task. It takes a lot of advance planning. So selecting an officiant should be done with care because it is a decision you will never forget.

Would you like to add pre-marital or marriage coaching to your wedding package? I am a certified SYMBIS facilitator. For more info on this type of service, click here.

Florida has numerous beautiful parks and beaches. You can get married in any of these locations. Some only require you to show up, while others may require a permit. I've listed some of the nearby locations for you to consider.

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