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Our Story

It all started when I was in search of a business mailing address to use for my then-travel company. I came across anytime mailbox and decided to fill out the application to get a mailing address. A notarization was required for the application. It was late, and I was disappointed that I would have to wait until the morning to visit a UPS store or a bank to have the document notarized. I noticed that they provided online notary services through notarize.  I initially thought it sounded like a scam, but when I inquired, I discovered it was the real deal. I was able to get my document notarized that night without having to leave the house or search online for one that would be open the next day. I was able to converse briefly with the online notary and learned what a notary was and how I could become an online notary. From there, B. Elise Notary Services LLC was formed.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Give you the service you need and make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make notary services an effortless experience.⁣⁣ We’ve set out to make notary services accessible and stress-free for everyone. We want to ensure that #OurCommunity has peace of mind knowing their documents are in safe hands.

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Berjoh E Fullilove


A Leader You Can Trust

Berjoh Fullilove has the education and certifications in business management, notary signing agent, marriage officiant, and coaching that make her an expert in her field. You can trust that you're getting the best advice and services when you choose B. Elise Notary Services LLC.

Experience You Can Trust

B. Elise has extensive experience in medical, business, banking and real estate settings, which gives her a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that govern notarial services. Her experience ensures that your documents are handled securely and professionally.

A Family Woman

Our team is made up of one person [a wife and mother of three (2 bio + 1 bonus)]. Her attention to detail ensures that every customer is given personal care and attention for all their notarial needs.

Learn from the Best

At B. Elise Notary Services LLC, you'll receive quality services from an experienced leader who is dedicated to helping you elevate your life to the next level. Our CEO's knowledge extends beyond just notarizations - she also offers marriage officiating and coaching services as well! 

Please Note: I am not an attorney licensed to practice law, and I may not give legal advice, or accept fees for legal advice.