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Signing Agent Services

Make sure your property closing is handled with the utmost security by hiring a signing agent from us. Our notary professionals are experienced, reliable and trustworthy, so you can rest assured that your documents will be signed and returned quickly. Let us help you make your property closing as stress-free as possible - hire a signing agent today!



The job of a notary signing agent is to certify and notarize financial and legal documents pertaining to property transactions. Typically, a notary signing agent operates adjacent to the real estate industry. We also ensure that all documents contain the borrower and the lender's signatures and initials. We are a mobile solution offering the convenience to you to come where you are to get your documents signed and submitted to your lender/title company for processing.  To assure quality, error-free facilitation of real estate closings, we have obtained training through Notary2Pro and Loan Signing System (LSS), and National Notary Association. We also provide online real estate closing facilitation. Request us on Pavaso platform or we can assist you online via eNotaryLog platform. 

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Purchasing commercial property? Not a problem!  The same as mentioned above goes for commercial loan signings. Whether it be in your office or in your home, we come to you to execute the signing and notarization of these documents.

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Many customers are purchasing cars out of state making an in person visit to the dealership quite difficult. Not to mention more and more online vehicle sales. This makes it difficult to obtain the proper signatures on the transaction documents. This is where a mobile notary comes into play to help get loan documents signed and sent back to the lender for processing.

Automobile salesperson #benotaryservices


E-Closing provides a flexible and convenient option for all signers to complete a real estate transaction from the comfort of their own home or location. If your customers are not in the same city or state, or if their schedules do not coincide, don't worry! They can meet online to sign the necessary documents.