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General Notary FAQs

What do I need to get started?

Completed documents, all signers present, ID, and witnesses (if applicable).

What if my Drivers License is expired?

In the state of Florida, a notary can accept an expired Driver's License as long as the issue date is within 5 years from todays date.

What if my Driver's License issue date is pass the 5 year mark?

Your identity can then be verified via "credible witness". Two people known to you, not listed in the document, can identify you by signing a sworn statement and providing valid ID to confirm their identities.

What other IDs can I use for notary service?

To view a list of acceptable IDs, click here.

What if all signers cannot be present?

I can notarize for signers who are present, and the subsequent signers can meet with me at a later date/time or another notary.

If I need witnesses for my documents, how does that work?

A witness can be anyone except a parent, child, or spouse. I can provide a witness for you for an additional fee.

What if the document was emailed to me and I cannot print it?

I can print your documents for you and provide more copies if needed.

I need to scan and email documents after notarizing? Do you do this as well?

Yes. I can scan and email your document for you after notarization

What types of payments do you accept?

I accept cash and credit/debit cards. I DO NOT accept Cashapp, Zelle, or Venmo.

How much is your service?

I charge the FL state mandated fee of $10 per notarization. Other fees can be found here.

What is the $36 hourly rate for?

A typical notarization takes less than 15 min. Some jobs take an hour or more. I charge $.60/min after 15min. (e.g. $36÷60min.=.$.60/min.)

How do I schedule an appointment for service?

You can call, email, or schedule an appointment online by clicking the button below.

Do I need to have an appointment, or can I just come to your location during business hours?

Yes, you must call or schedule an appointment online for service. I DO NOT take walk-ins at my location.

Where is your office located for on-site services?

I am located in Broward county in coconut creek. See map below.

Can I notarize documents online?

Yes. I can notarize documents for you online. All signers must be able to sign on, including witnesses (if applicable). To learn more about the online process, click here.

Online Notary FAQs

Is online notarization legal? 


Is online notarization acceptable? 

Do I have to have a computer? 
No. You can use an iPad or smartphone

If there’s 2 signers in different locations, can the online notarization still be done? 
Yes. You both signers can be online at the same time with notary 

My document requires witnesses. Can the witness join online too?
Yes. a total of 5 people can be in one online session. The witness can be located anywhere in the world as long as they can provide valid ID and connect online

Can my mom be a witness for my document?
No, witnesses cannot be a parent, child, or spouse. Nor can they be listed as apart of the document or have beneficial interest in the transaction

How will I sign the document online? 
You will sign using an electronic/digital signature

How do I get the document after online notarization is complete? 
You will receive your signed and notarized document by email

Can any notary do online notarization? 
No. Only approved notaries can do online notarization

How can I get my documents notarized online? 
You can call me or schedule an appointment online by clicking the button below

Does it matter if I am located in the US or another country? 
No. I can notarize for anyone located inside or outside the USA

For I-Pen, how do you get the documents on your Ipad for me to sign?
You send documents to me via email or you can mail or fax to me as well. I will then upload your documents to my Ipad.

Why would I need to meet in person to sign electronically? I can just sign the traditional way, right?
I-Pen is usually preferred when the document is requested to be sent directly to the receiving party via email, to avoid having to mail documents back, or if documents are needed to be received immediately 

Wedding FAQs

I just need my marriage license notarized. Do you do that?

As a notary, I am authorized to solemnize marriage. This is basically the process of me performing a ceremony and signing and stamping your license. The ceremony part cannot be omitted from the process.

Would an elopement count as a civil ceremony, meaning just exchange of vows and sign and notarize license?


What is the difference between a traditional script and a custom script in your wedding packages?

The traditional script is one that is provided by the state. You say a couple vows, agree to marry, then ring exchange. A custom script is full of many parts including a blessing, a poem, your love story, the elements of marriage, vows, ring exchange, and words of wisdom for the couple.  

What is a unity ceremony?

a symbolic ritual added into the wedding ceremony script. This may include, sand pouring, candle lighting, wine drinking, etc.  Click here to view different types.

What is the photo book about?

the photo book is a custom album of photos taken during and after the ceremony. It also includes the blessing from your script, a poem, and quote.

How do I hire you as my officiant?

Go to the officiant page to reserve your date.

How soon can I book you as my officiant?

I am available with a minimum notice of 72 hours for elopements and 5 days for weddings.

Do you accept deposits on your wedding packages?

Yes. All wedding packages can be reserved with a non-refundable 50% deposit upon booking. Elopements are pay in full only.

What types of payments do you accept?

For weddings, I accept credit/debit cards. For elopements, you can pay cash or with a credit/debit card.

Each package says that you travel up to 30 miles, is this flexible?

Yes. I am willing to travel further upon request, but travel fees will apply

We don't have a location for our ceremony, do you have one or can you offer some spots?

Yes. I have a list of places here. I can also do elopements/small weddings in my backyard

How do I go about acquiring a marriage license? How soon should I get one before my wedding date?

You can acquire your license from any county clerk of court. You should acquire your license no later than 2 weeks before your wedding date.